You don't know, what you know, till ya know it..... Ya know

All of this should have really started here.

It seems every time I figured something out, the next step, lead right back to square one.

Why? Because there is no one to help you.
You are on your own.
There is no rule book, no guide line to say…. hey start here, do this.

Even though I am dealing with people who do this kind of work, they don’t seem to know all the ins and outs.
They only know THEIR particular role.
And even then, not so much sometimes.

Confused now?  Yeah me too.

I think I really started somewhere in the middle and worked my way back and forth.

Kinda like when you are stuck in the mud and you go back and forth, inching your way a little further each time.

Sometimes you get stuck again, and keep going.
Sometimes you just have to call a tow truck.

That'll be 200 please

For those of you who have or can get yourself a couple hundred grand, and don’t mind handing this over to someone who can just do everything for you, there is no shortage of places that will gladly take your money and build you a really nice trailer or truck.

You just meet with them a couple of times, tell them what you want to do, and they will build it for you.  EEZY PEEZY.

They will handle everything.  All your permits and equipment, and inspections…. Everything.

You just have so sign a few documents and hand over your 200 hundred grand and bob’s yer uncle.

In case you didn't know it

I have a distinct lack of 200 grand.
Not even 100 grand.
Not 50, not even close.

This truly is being done on a shoestring budget.

And cmon seriously??  200???

It can be done for WWAAYYY less.

But you need a place to start.  You really do need a check list.

Had I known JUST what I learned today, I would have saved 6 weeks of head scratching and head banging.

I am going to compile MY list of what I had to do to get this old beast up and going.

Please keep in mind that EVERY city, province, country etc have their own set of rules.  And although much of this stuff is fairly universal, I can only share the things that apply in MY city.

Also, these rules change, and this is only current for this time.

I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  It is currently Oct 2015.

I cannot be held responsible for anything that you may find inaccurate, or that may have changed after this is written.

Below I will add information as I get it.

In the end hopefully it will be a fairly complete check list of what steps must be taken to get a food truck up and running in my city.

Ok let’s Git er Dun