Set up the support beams for the hood today.

Here is a shot of the factory beams that run the length of the truck on both sides.

They are about 1.25 x 1.25 square aluminum.
They are not really square, but they seem like it.
Hollow on the inside.

PoCo Inspired

I thought about just driving self tapping screws into it to hold the new support beams.
But I figured that being aluminum, the may eventually strip or come loose.

Drilled pilot holes.
PoCo Inspired

The put in the threaded inserts.


PoCo Inspired

It went better than expected.

A test fit and all was good.

PoCo Inspired

This shot shows the beam spanned across the width of the truck.

The second one went just as easy.

PoCo Inspired

Even the paint is a pretty close match.