Built the platform that the big ass stainless table I got will go on to of.

Yeah, I thought about just doing legs, but them I gotta try to clean under there.
Its not like the space would get used for anything.

My floors have to be coved up a minimum 4 inches.
This platform is 5.5 inches.
So my flooring will just go up the platform.

PoCo Inspired

I structured a channel into the platform for my 8 x 8 intake vent.

This will give me a fresh air intake that should end up about 8 inches of the floor in front of the cooking area, and just about directly below the hood and fan.

PoCo Inspired
I will just fill the rest of the empty cavities with insulation.


I hate the thought of using any wood.
Especially after gutting nearly 1000 pounds of wood out of the first truck.

But some times you just need the structure to be able to secure other stuff that will be going in.

Anywhere that there is any wood, it gets coated with fire resistant paint.
And even the paint is recycled.  I got it from a buddy who was tossing it because he had a bunch left over after a reno.
Just mix in the handy dandy fire resistant coating ( that was bought at the habitat re-store ) … and bob’s ye uncle.

PoCo Inspired

I used no nails, but decided to drive in screws from the out side as well.

I used the ones that are used for doing metal roofs.
They are color matched, grab in the wood really nice, and are self sealing with the rubber grommet.

PoCo Inspired

And in keeping with my theme of recycling / up-cycling as much as possible….

All of the wood on the walls, and in the platform, used to be my brothers front porch.

I’m sure I have just saved a baby whale or a penguin or something.


I finally decided that YES I am going to put some extra support beams for the hood.

I had some 1 x 1 square tubing left over from a previous project.
Good thing I measured 3 or 4 times to be safe.
7 feet and 1/2 an inch.

PoCo Inspired

Cut some angle iron to make mounting tabs.  ( recycled bed frame )
And yes I know the holes are not centered.
I wanted them to be …not as close to the ceiling.

PoCo Inspired

Welded it all together, cleaned up the ends, and painted it with some galvanizing paint.

Came out looking not too bad.

PoCo Inspired

These will span the ceiling width wise.

There is a nice chunky aluminum channel that runs the full length of the truck.

I plan to drill corresponding holes, then use threaded rivet inserts.

This way they can be attached with bolts and a lock washer.
This also makes them removable for any future changes.

Now that I have this tool, I plan to mount a bunch of the stuff this way.
Instead of just using regular big rivets.
Which are just hell to try to remove.