After ordering the WRONG stuff,

I ordered this thing for my tank dump.
PoCo Inspired


Remember this one.
If you plan to have a standard 3 inch RV type drain  ( I didn’t plan well )
PoCo Inspired
Then you need the 3 inch waste gate CAP.

Like this.
PoCo Inspired
It comes as a kit with all the fittings. Not just the gate.


As I was studying this stuff, I kept seeing pictures and videos of RV’s with waste valves just kinda hanging there, attached to the tank, but not supported in any way.
Like this…
PoCo Inspired

Is this normal?

Anyway, I wanted some support.

I used a piece of the body that I had saved from when I cut a hole, and made a bracket.
PoCo Inspired

It fits the factory holes on the valve.

PoCo Inspired

Did a bunch of dry fit tests before finally gluing the plumbing together.

PoCo Inspired

Finally set everything in place.

PoCo Inspired

Drilled a couple of holes through the body, to match the bracket and riveted it in place.

PoCo Inspired
Perfect, solid.

This is the rear tank.
I first thought that I cut the hole on the wrong side of the tank, that it should have been closer to the OUTSIDE of the truck body.
So when I did the front tank, I made hole closer to outside of the body.

The rear one went just perfect, no problems.

The front one was nothing but trouble.
The drain hole being so close to the outside gave me NO leeway at all.
Everything is super close.
Had to re do the bracket about 5 times.
And still not happy with it.
But its in.