Today I began working on the tanks.

Well sort of…

I had not really thought about it much, so I was engineering on the fly…. like always.

I knew I was going to use threaded rod and suspend the tanks below the floor.
I just needed to figure out HOW I wanted to make stuff.
I had these brackets that were used on the first truck. So I figured that I should try to re use them somehow.

PoCo Inspired

But they were custom made for the one tank that I was not using.
So I needed to re-engineer them to work with the new tanks.

I start off buy cutting them down with the band saw….and I hear this loud …. PANG!!
Dang blade broke.

Spend an hour calling around….   Do think anyone has a blade that size???
Of course not.

Google is your friend.
Best method was supposed to be a torch and silver solder.
Rummage around in the garage for a while …. Lo and behold I actually have all the right stuff.
Prep the blade, fashion up a quick jig to hold it all together, and  …..
Nothing! Try 4 or 5 more times.
Flippin solder would NOT stick to the blade.
Back to google.

This time I find some video that say you can mig weld it.
It actually worked !
Cut all my steel.  IMPRESSED!

This is the design I finally settled on.

PoCo Inspired


Grind all my edges clean.

Start welding a few things together.
Dang…. that’s a fine weld sir…

PoCo Inspired


Get about 2 welds done …..  and  … nothin …..WTF!!!

It’s now 2 pm on a Friday before a long weekend.
I run out of welding gas.   F F S !!!

And my supplier is on the OTHER side of town 45 minutes away, and they close at 5.

Needless to say, no further works got done today.