Once the walls were buffed, I found something else to play with.

In the back of the truck, there were aluminum covers over the tail lights. On the inside.
I guess they were there to protect the lights from shifting cargo.
But for me, they were just in the way.

PoCo Inspired

Once removed, I figured I could re-purpose them as shelves.

Well….. after a little cleaning…

PoCo Inspired

And decreasing, and sanding and buffing.

But over all please with the outcome.

PoCo Inspired


That would be the nicely buffed walls and door.

You might notice that the lower portion of the walls is not buffed all shiny.

It’s all going to be covered with equipment, so I figured a good cleaning was all that was needed.

Right side will be the sink, left side will be that big stainless table I got.