Finally started some work on the inside.

Did some much needed rewiring.

Then moved onto some walls.

The front walls, behind the cab.
I was going to just sheet over them, but once I saw how very little of the walls were going to be exposed, I figured it would be better to just clean them.

There were so many stickers and left over ….mmm…. pictures….  taped to walls.
Pictures of…uuhhmm ….  Laura Croft….   hockey teams  …  women’s curling teams  ……
( seriously ? )
Hey, it came with the truck . ….
TONS of old scotch tape, packing tape….. 2 way tape… spray paint…marker
It’s actually ALL over the truck. Even on the sliding door. Luckily, the other walls are getting covered.
But it was SO hard to get off.

PoCo Inspired

PoCo Inspired

I probably would have been better off just gluing a skin of aluminum sheet over it.
But I was determined to get it clean and just used the raw walls.

Cleaned it with everything possible.
Then sanded it all with 280 grit an orbital sander.

Did a polish with a buffing wheel in a test spot….
Came out really nice ….  too nice.
Actually got a mirror finish in the small test area.
But it made everything ELSE look really dull.

Switched to a scotch brite pad.
It gave it a nice smooth clean finish.
A dull shine.

I liked it.PoCo Inspired

PoCo Inspired