Day 2 of the doors.

It actually went pretty easy.  WAY easier than taking out the old one.
Of course I had already been building the doors over the last couple of weeks.

All I had to do was set them in place, drill holes, add nuts & bolts.
No real drama.


PoCo Inspired


Added some spring loaded latches on the inside top, and some big self tapper bolts for stoppers.
The self tapping bolts that I used for stoppers and the gold colored self tappers holding the latches are re-used.
I have a pile of them that were holding different parts on the inside of the truck.

PoCo Inspired

I re-used more of the nice nylon plates for backers behind the hinge and behind the spring loaded latches.

PoCo Inspired


You can see the crappy lookin stuff to the left of the nylon plate.

That’s where I had to plasma cut out all the material.

It was aluminum c – channel, that seems to be welded to the back wall.
The back wall/body wraps around it on the right side.

Then it also had steel angle that was glued and riveted to the c – channel, creating a double layered ( on one side ) box.

Then the door track was spot welded to the steel.

I am SO thankful that my buddy Dave has a nice plasma cutter!!!


Now I just need to add some weather stripping.