I am not yet sure who is more insane….
Me for trying to dismantle this back door, or the my wife for not questioning me ( at all ) when i ask her to grab her car keys and wallet, and stand ready to go to the hospital if this goes sideways.

She even grabbed a big towel on the way out the door….just in case there was blood.

And no, it would not have been our first trip.

Luckily, it all went smoothly. Rather boring in the end.

But I was taking out a roll up door. They are pretty dangerous. Better to be prepared.


The first thing to do was get something to hold the door if it decided to let go.
I used a ladder and a cargo bar to hold it in place.

PoCo Inspired


The next step was to release the tension on the wires.
With the door up, there is the least amount of tension on the springs.
Then I needed to remove the cotter pins that hold the wires in place.
THIS was the scary part. You never know HOW much tension there is.
I didn’t even know if taking out the cotter pins was going to release the tension.
It did.

PoCo Inspired

The pin shot like a bullet across the truck.  The wire unraveled.
Now for the other side.
No blood.
It actually release ALL of the tension. So I didn’t have to fight with the springs.
I let the door down as best as I could.

The thing must weigh 200 pounds.

It wasn’t until it was down, that I realized that unlike a regular garage door that has nuts and bolts holding the hinges on, that I saw that there is only RIVETS!!

I really hate rivets.

PoCo Inspired


The outer hinges that hold the rollers were a little better.
At  least there were nuts to remove the roller retainer.

PoCo Inspired


I got those off and slid out the rollers.

PoCo Inspired


With the hinges all being riveted on, the door sections did NOT come apart.

PoCo Inspired

The door was being held back by the lock system.

I needed to crawl UNDER the door and take my scissor lift

PoCo Inspired and jack the thing up high enough to clear locks.
Only then could it all be removed from the tracks.

The tracks are all mounted by …. you guessed it ….rivets.

Spent the rest of the day, grinding off the bloody rivets to get the track system out.

The lower part ( that was against the wall ) was the worst part.
I’m still not sure how it was all attached, but I spent a few hours with the plasma cutter to get it out.

I’m pretty sure, this was the toughest job so far.

Tomorrow, I can start installing the new back doors.