I assumed they would be leaned on.

Here is the set up.

2 shelves.

Each about 40 inches long and 11 inches wide. 1/4 inch thick aluminum.

Each one has 3 folding and locking support brackets.

ALL of the edges have been rounded and smoothed out to prevent any sharp areas.

The white strip along the length is a foam strip to cover the bottoms of the rivets.

Safety first people!!

Heck I even smoothed the edges of the phillips head screws because I thought they were a little sharp.

I could just hear my old man in the back of my head, nagging me about every possible little thing! :)

PoCo Inspired


The lip all around it is made from the 1/4 thick aluminum beams from inside the truck.

PoCo Inspired

They create the lip around the perimeter of the shelf.

And also create strong support below.

The brackets are bolted through the shelves and these beams.

Hopefully that’s enough strength.


They fold up pretty good when not in use.

PoCo Inspired


On the inside I used ( re used ) these nylon bushing that were mounted all over the truck.

They are about 1/2 in thick.

and were a prefect match for the placement of the bolts.

PoCo Inspired


I HOPE thats enough support

Still might put in a couple of eye bolts just in case its not enough and I need to run some aircraft cable.