Started work on the back door.

I am using these steel frames that I was able to salvage.
PoCo Inspired

Need to cut down the length by 16 inches.

PoCo Inspired

Left one at 36 inches wide, cut the other down to 24 inches wide.

Had to add an extra brace for the hinge on the bigger side.

PoCo Inspired

All went great. My measurements were spot on all day long.

Except for…. well….  the measurement was right….
But SOME dumbass cut the wrong piece!!

I’d blame my assistant….. if I had one.
Had to section this little piece back in …. DOH!
Good thing my welding skills are improving!

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All in all it went well.
Here is a hot of the test fit.
Managed to keep an almost perfect 1/8 inch gap.

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