Great weather today.
Actually got the inner window installed.

It went easier than I expected.
But not without its challenges.

The first thing I got installed was the outer lock/handle.

I went with a simple t handle and matching slide mech.
They were on clearance at Home Depot.

PoCo Inspired


The challenge with the inner window was spacing.
I did not take into account the extra space required for things like the lock mech or the gas struts.

To compensate for this, I added 1/2 by 1/2 aluminum C channel on the inside of the outer frame.
This gave me that extra 1/2 inch of space.

PoCo Inspired


It was not too hard to do, but not fun.

End result though, the window is installed.

PoCo Inspired


PoCo Inspired


What I can’t figure out is this…

I had to cut 3/4 inch off the outer frame to make it fit between the factory beams in the truck.
I then had the trim the same amount from the canopy to make it fit the frame properly.
But I did NOT touch the inner window frame at all.
Yet it fits perfectly to the outer frame.

And I mean fit PERFECTLY.
But I built both windows at the same time, and made them to match. weird.