Installing the struts was WAY harder than it should have been.
Of course, never done this before. No instructions. No clue.
Where to mount?
Pivot point? Pressure point?
Weight to height ratio?
Drag coefficient?

All trial and error.

Got it figured out in the end.

You would think ( at least I did ) that the strut would have to be mounted further out on the canopy for stability.
But it does not work that way.
I did it similar to this:
PoCo Inspired

Close the canopy, figure out where the frame side mount will be with the strut compressed.

I added an inch, to be safe.

Then prop the canopy open and figure out where the canopy side mount will be with the strut fully extended.

Not sure why, but most places seem to suggest mounting the struts in this position.
With the fat end on the door side.
Maybe so water can’t run down into the cylinder when it rains?? Not sure.

PoCo Inspired


My struts were the ones with ends like these that just pop over the ball mount.

PoCo Inspired

While they just POP on, they do NOT pop OFF.
They BREAK off pretty quickly though.
Found that out pretty quick.
There is a little spring tab that you have to remove first. DUH!

Also the 80 pound struts were WAY to strong. It actually made it hard to close.
It looked like that would eventually cause damage somewhere.
I don’t know the math ….
But I have a canopy the weighs 40 pounds.
And I am using 57 pound struts.
It’s stable. Not hard to close. And opens smoothly without POPPING up.

I was able to buy theses mounting brackets, which worked great on the canopy side.

PoCo Inspired


But once I figured out the frame side, I needed the opposite kind of brackets.
And spent the day driving around trying to locate some.
Guess how THAT turned out….

PoCo Inspired


Ended up having to make my own.
Tried some lighter stuff…. no WAY!
They flexed when I closed the canopy.

Had 2 x 2 1/4 inch angle.
Cut down the width to about 1 1/4 inch.
Smoothed the corners and welded on the studs that came with the struts.

PoCo Inspired

PoCo Inspired

PoCo Inspired


The big problem was that it HAD to be mounted to the window frame, which was thin and flimsy to begin with, plus it had no structure behind it to carry the weight load.

Here is a shot of the solution from the inside.

On both sides of the window, I was able to MacGuyver a chunk of 3/4 inch C channel between the window frame and the factory stud.
I tried with a piece of square channel, It would not budge.
Then I cut little pieces of 1/2 inch C channel down to insert into the larger piece to form a box ( support piece ).
Then I drilled through from the window frame into the factory stud, and used screws long enough to hit the studs.
Now it’s solid.

PoCo InspiredPoCo Inspired