I trimmed the canopy about 3/4 inch in width.
Trimmed the the aluminum channel trim to match.
Test fit in my mock frame.
So far so good.
But the weight thing was still buggin me.

Dug out a scale.  Found some fresh batteries…. did a weigh in. 45 pounds.
I dunno, maybe I’m just a little paranoid…  But that seems like a lot.

I have these visions… 4 x 5 sheet of plywood@ 45 lbs….  strut lets go…. screw breaks….  this thing comes swingin down from 10 feet up…. clocks some big mofo in the back of the noggin….

More weight on all the parts is more stress.

I still want to keep the structure of the canopy so it’s not a flimsy P.O.S.

So I carve out the center with the skill saw.  Leaving a good amount of wood for structure.

PoCo Inspired

Now it’s down to 20 pounds.  Still pretty solid.

Next, I test it all on the mock frame, and it feels WAY better.
WAY less stress on the screw and hinges.

PoCo Inspired


Next I inlay some pink insulation.
Laminate both sides with aluminum sheet again, and bobs yer uncle.

PoCo Inspired

Now the stupid thing is probably too light for the struts!!

I even managed to get the outer frame mounted on the truck.

Once all the glues and silicone dries I should be able to mount the canopy. Tomorrow.