Working on the window.

For better or worse, I’m doing a custom window, made to fit the truck.
As opposed to ordering a standard size and cutting the opening to fit the window.

So here is how it is going so far.

Because it was -25 outside when I started this.
I just measured where I wanted the window.
Then built the window in the garage.

Thought I had it all covered.
Measured down to and 1/8 th of an inch.

Built a mock up frame in the garage to test fit stuff. ( which actually worked pretty well )
PoCo Inspired


Then I cut the opening for the window.

Just before the last cut…..

PoCo Inspired


My goal was to preserve as much of the structural beams as possible.

Here is the nice big opening…

PoCo Inspired


But I forgot to account for LIP that was part of the beam.

PoCo Inspired


I guess I could have cut the lip off.
But that is where the rivets are.
Without the lip, the beams are kinda useless.

I guess this is where I am lucky that I am making the window from scratch – ish.

I trimmed the window frame to match the opening.
The frame even had these large flanges for mounting that had to be trimmed back about 3/8 of an inch. About where the holes are, because they would not allow the frame to sit against the lip/beam.

PoCo Inspired

Also had to trim the frame width about 3/8 of an inch.
That part was easy.

But it means I have to trim the canopy to match.
3/8 plywood, sandwiched between 2 layers of aluminum.
HOPEFULLY it goes well.
Just waiting for the garage to warm up because it went down below zero again last night.

Good thing I had not yet glued the trim on.

My other concern is the overall weight of the canopy.
I mean… it’s not 50 lbs. But it does fell kinda heavy.
I am concerned that the gas shock might not hold it….
If I can figure out how to mount them.