Clearly I don’t sleep much.

I have already stated that I am NOT going to paint this truck.
And I am NOT spending 10 grand on a wrap.

All I had to do is maybe update the colors to go with the white truck.
No big deal, I am just going to use what I had already designed for the old black truck, and copy it all over, and update stuff.

It was around midnight when I started playing with the mock up design in Photoshop.

I had a clear idea, a theme, a vision….
This whole black truck, yellow lettering….the big WTF on the side.
There was reason, purpose even.

Funny how just changing the background color of the truck from black to white changes everything.

Nothing….I mean NOTHING worked.
What now?
Play, test, look for inspiration. Let it evolve on its own.
Turn off brain….  Open up eyes…
Let the mouse go where it wants.

So I am happy with it.
It’s just so strange that it seems like the polar opposite of the first truck.

I’m losin it, I even changed the name.