After a couple weeks of nice weather ( for Winnipeg / Siberia ) the weather report says it ends today.
Tomorrow will be back to the – 25 ‘s again.
I don’t have the truck anywhere that I can put in a heater, so I figured I better get a few more things done.

Under the dash was a bunch of heater hoses that were all rotten.
Those got replaced.

Got the stereo installed.
Had to create mounting brackets and supports because the dash is nothing more than a plastic shell with a few screws to hold it down.

PoCo InspiredI didn’t document anything. It wasn’t rocket science though.

Added the all important cup holder.
You really don’t realize how much you use one until you don’t have one.

Added a cell phone mount.
I have an old phone that I use a gps enabled speedometer.

Yeah, it’s dirty.  Dirt wipes off……later.

I DID go through hell with the stereos ( yes plural ) themselves.

I had 3 of the fricken things in a bin.
Not a single one would work!!??

Whatever, my bro had a spare one in his pile.

And finally I added the backup camera.

PoCo Inspired

I have it wired so that its always on.
I might change that later.
Just have to move one wire.
This is a ebay jobby wireless unit.
I had it for the first truck, so I am glad I get to finally use it.
Got it for about $40 all in.

I would put a link, but the dealer does not seem to have them listed anymore.
They do however seem to have a lot of sex toys in thier store…. so if you need the link..