I was so happy to see that there were LED lights everywhere on this thing.

But the tail lights had issues.

They worked, but because they were probaly 1st gen LEDs they were not smart enough.
Basically if you had the headlights/running lights on, you could not see the flashers or brakes. The difference was not enough.

I noticed the newer ones had a 2nd set of lights to solve this issue.

Luckily I still had the ones that I was going to put on the other truck.

Easy install.
Even had a 3rd one to use for the 3rd brake light.
Not a requirement, but nice to have.

The circuit for the 3rd brake light was under the dash, so I had to run a wire the entire length of the truck, but no biggie.

PoCo Inspired


I even added a couple of side markers hooked to the turn signals.

PoCo Inspired


I might add a couple more in the center of the truck just to be on the safe side.
It already had some on the front fenders.