The next bit of stupidity was the locks.

These old FedEx trucks had these high security locks that cost a fortune to replace.
I did not get the keys, because HE did not get keys, because FedEx won’t give them out.

PoCo InspiredLocksmith 1 –   oooo  I’ve never seen one of those – what is off of?

Locksmith 2 –   aaaa  –  you don’t want to have to buy new locks son
Those are a fortune,  where is this from?
But we can re-key them for you
That would be $75 per lock to re-key
Plus $16 per key
And I have to do all the work for removal and install
So $198 plus 13% taxes  $224.00
For 2 locks and 3 keys…. nice

Locksmith 3 –   mmmmm  –  nope – our key doesn’t fit. What’s it from?
We are authorized dealers.  Only dealers can work one these.
Nope, these can’t be re-keyed because we can’t touch other ones.
Only licenced for their own stuff.  bla bla bla
* BUT * it’s just a simple 1 1/4 inch mortise lock. Dime a dozen.
Great I’ll take 2.  Ohh… sorry we only have 1 1/2 inch.
So you will have to get/make a spacer.
Then you might have to modify the tail a little.
No prob,  I’ll take 2.
Sorry… we only take cash.   WTF???

Now armed with the knowledge that it is a standard mortise lock….

Locksmith 4 –   NOpe noPE NOPE  Can’t touch those!!  What’s it from??
Seroiusly?? Who the F cares where its from????
                       Just give me a standard mortise lock of that size…
NOpe noPE NOPE  Can’t help you … good by.

Off to Home Depot.

We don’t need no steenking high security locks.

They don’t carry a mortise lock at all here.  Shoulda tried Rona.
But they DO carry a a standard cam lock that is 1 1/4 inches long….  $8
And if I have to mod it anyway, it’s worth a shot.
PoCo Inspired
Bought 2, got 4 keys altogether and they are keyed alike.
Time to start the mod.

PoCo Inspired

Same length, different diameter.
But it came with that flange that fit the door insert.

PoCo Inspired

Perfect fit

PoCo Inspired


PoCo Inspired

This is why god made welders

PoCo Inspired

Tack tack tack…. grind it smooth a bit

PoCo Inspired

Nice fit

A little anti rust galvanizing paint

PoCo InspiredNow we need a flange for the inside of the door
Scrap metal and a hole saw work great

PoCo Inspired

Good enuff

Let’s put it together

Inside view

PoCo Inspired

Outside view

PoCo Inspired

A little mod with the dremel to make the existing tail piece work with the new locks.

PoCo InspiredAnd Vi Ola – we is done!