The reason – he said – for the bald tire was because on his last trip with it – which was about 1000 km round trip – he hit something in the road.
He SAID it was a BEAVER!

Well ok, who am I to argue?

He was going up north with it.
Lots of lakes and bush.
I have seen a few myself while travelling.
They aint small…

Anyhoo, he says, he hit it and a little while later started to feel a vibration.
He checked it when he arrived, and said he noticed the sway bar link was broken.

He also drove it home that way.
That’s how the tire must have gone bald…..
mmm ok…

Ya can’t make this shit up!

Par for the course, try and find a rear sway bar link for a 98 e 350.
Apparently, they don’t exist.
Anything they could find for a similar year in E or F 350 or 250…
NOT what I had.

A little time with my old buddy google and I decided on a FRONT sway bar link from a 98 BRONCO.

Nearly a perfect match.

I checked out all the you tube videos I could find on how to change them.

Trust me when I say, these things do not just unbolt and pop apart.

It some a long time with the reciprocating saw, and a few blades.
Even on the broken side.
I changed both seeing as the kit came with two.
Not the worst thing I have had to do.

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