As mentioned, the truck needs a little TLC.

The guy I got it from …. while he was a great guy, he wasn’t the most technically inclined… or he just didn’t care.

I mean he said he was a contractor or some sort.
But he didn’t seem to do anything with the truck.

C’est la vie    …  movin on.

He told me about anything he KNEW was wrong.

One thing was the bald rear tire.

Well it was a little more than just WORN.

Like right down to the threads!!

I don’t even know how I got it home let alone drove around for a week!

PoCo Inspired


He had a couple of tires already on rims that he gave me, so a little air and we were good to go.

The fresh tires were not great, but enough to get by until I can dig out the old truck and swap them around.