Well, I was going to start out with a great big long explanation as to why I got another truck and abandoned the first one.
But screw it.
It was a good decision, and it’s done.


1998 Utilimaster – Ford E 350 chassis 3/4 ton single rear wheel
144 000 km
All aluminum shell, fiberglass front clip
5.4 v8  PS  PB  Tilt
21 ft 3 in tip to tip
12 x 7 x 7 box area
New brakes ( everything )
New shocks
New PS pump
Replaced steering column ( to fix  broken turn signal )

Have the bills for the work
Have a bunch of the previous work orders
Truck seems to have had weekly inspections

I have some little things to do here and there
But over all, pretty dang good

And I picked er up for 3 grand with a current safety inspection

Boom Done Next