So today …

Guess it ended up the usual cluster ……

Been working at the store all dang week.
Then had to spend ALL day Friday helping the wife set up for a trade show….  On the opposite end of town of course.

Seems that I work for my wife WAY to much.  :)

Anyway, I finally got back to doing some work on the the truck today.

Went out to my brother’s place to see if the truck would fit in his garage.
Lo and behold. It fits!!
Had to mostly flatten the tires, but I got it to fit.
He says I can use it to paint the truck.
Sooo…  woohoo!!

Got home later and got to do some welding.
It was even going pretty well…
Finally seem to have figured out some stuff.

Then suddenly  ….  pop PoCo Inspired

Not really the kind of sound you want to hear from a welder….

Then a poof of smoke from inside it.

Good thing it’s under warranty.

But I have not finished welding yet.