Again… seems like forever since I updated here.
FINALLY got back to the hood.
Or more correctly, got started on it.

I took the original hood that was a big 3 x 4 box unit

hood PoCo Inspired


And split it in half to fit the truck.

split-hood PoCo Inspired

Cut out a trim piece for the front.

trim PoCo Inspired



And tacked it to the front of the hood.

hoodnow PoCo Inspired


So far so good.

The thing was double wall heavy SS.
A real bear to cut through.

I bent up some thinner gauge SS to make trim pieces for the sides, and welded those in.

They cleaned up pretty good with the flap wheel.
They look as good as the originals.

I,m just not sure if I am supposed to weld the ENTIRE length of the trip piece.
The originals were just folded over.
The ones I see online are just folded over.

Still need to figure out mounting tabs, and few details, then a light polish.


Here is a shot of the side trim strips that I added.
I especially liked how nice the welds smoothed out.
You can see how nice it blended on the top right corner.

strip PoCo Inspired

strip-close PoCo Inspired