Got the hood into the garage.

WOWzers it’s huge.
48 wide, 23 high, and 40 deep.
And it’s not the kind that’s meant for a truck. It’s just a big square box.

But I didn’t pay much for it. And I think I can modify it.
Here is a shot of what it is, what I plan to do, and kinda what I am hoping it will turn out like.

hood2 PoCo Inspired


Cutting it will be easy.
I have those nice new metal shears, or my die grinder with cut off wheels.

It might be a little tricky, because it looks like the sidewalls are double layers.

I figure that I can just trim the edges with something like this..

That way I don’t have to weld them.

The fun part is going to be doing the front lip.
I want it to only be about 2 inches.
And It will have to be at least tack welded pretty good.

I have been do some reading, and found out it can use my mig welder, and stainless wire.
And I should probably get the proper gas.
So far my experiments on scrap have been fairly successful, even just using the gas I have.
I’m going to practice a lot more before I actually do it.

Lucky for me, I don’t NEED this fan and hood.
Because I’m going electric, and no deep frying or grease vapors, I don’t have to have it.

Here, it’s not the health department that requires the hood and fan, it’s the fire commissioner.
And it is split up between the electrical inspector to inspect the electrical,
and the gas inspector, who takes care of the gas and ventilation.

And I won’t be getting a gas inspection.

At least that is the way I understand the system so far.
HOPEFULLY nobody looks at the hood too close.