So this is just too funny.
Not more than 2 days before, when I sold off my propane equipment that I wasn’t going to need….  I let go with it as part of the deal, The Ansul box that I had.
Why not, I wasn’t going to need the fire suppression anyway.  And it was just the empty box. Nothing inside but the switch.
I would have to still buy the other stuff to in it, if I were to use it.

So now I pick up this fan and hood, and the guy throws in the same darn Ansul box I just got rid of.
When I pop the box open,  this one has the canister AND the Co2 cartridge in it.
I even have the plumbing in the hood to go with it.

ansul2 PoCo Inspired

Heck, way back when I was talking to the guy about the fire suppression stuff months ago…. It was going to cost me in the $300 – $500 range just for these containers, PLUS I would still have to have them charged up with the Ansul liquid and Co2.

So definitely a good deal overall.
I will hang on to them for now.
Who knows, maybe I can sell them for a few bucks.
I will have to check with the fire suppression guy to see I he knows if anyone is in the market.