So after all this time, trying to avoid the whole commercial fan and hood thing…
There I am browsing Kijiji for a totally different reason than anything food truck related…

And what do I come across, but a Captive Aire hood and  3000 CFM COOK upblast fan.
And at a good price.

I HAD to email the guy.  …. A little back and forth, and I went for a drive.

Got him down from $1000 to $600 AND he threw in what appears to be MOST of a fire suppression system.

How could I say no?

It’s only a couple hundred more than I would have spent on a basic old residential fan.

And now I’m fully covered on the off chance that some inspector has an issue with the way I was gonna do it.

And its WAAAYYY better than the 5 grand I would have to spend on a new hood and fan.
Not to mention the few grand more for the fire suppression stuff.

So the cash I got for selling the equipment the other day…. plus I got my cash back cheque from my Costco card, and I got my hood and fan and still a couple hundred bucks ahead.

All in all, a good day.