The windows were interesting.

On normal construction, like a house…. You would build your frames the match your window size and then slide your windows INTO the frames and screw them in.

In the truck, I had already ripped out the old frames, and the windows were still there.
They were held in with some screws, some pop rivets, even some brad nails.

I wanted to avoid wood and was going to use metal studs.
But I couldn’t find any that the proper size.
They needed to be ACTUAL 2 inches. A FULL 2 inches.
But all the metal studs are built just like the 2×4’s.
They may be called 2×4’s, but they are actually PHYSICALLY 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches.
And so are the metal studs.

So I had a bunch of pressure treated lumber lying around.
I ripped it down to the proper size and gave it a couple of coats of my fireproof paint.
Plus it’s going to be sheeted over with cement board, then aluminum panels.


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