Yeah woo hoo !  Right?

Sure to you it’s just a piece of plywood.
Actually it’s just a little more than half a piece of plywood.
58 inches to be exact.

But you need to read between the grains, to understand that although it’s just a simple piece of plywood….  It is so much more.
It’s the 2nd half.

The first half is laying on the floor of the food truck.  This was the the piece that I cut to butt up to the first piece that makes up the main walkway in the food truck.
This is the section that will get all of the walking back an forth on.
This section will take the brunt of the abuse.

Yeah? So?  It’s still just TWO pieces of wood…

But to ME, this is the first THING that has been done in the RIGHT direction.
This is the first thing to back IN the truck, instead of being ripped OUT of the truck

EVERYTHING up to this point has been getting junk out of the truck, and waiting and waiting, and looking for answers and waiting for this that and everything else.
Heck I even had to wait a couple of weeks for the plywood, because I made a deal with a buddy on it.

Then I had it in the garage for a few days, but it was Christmas, then my B-day, then New Years, and busy busy busy.

Even once I was ready to start working, I had to wait.

My dad picked up a new table saw, ( that I wanted to use it for cutting the plywood ) for me because he has somehow managed to destroy, not one but TWO of my saws over the last couple of years.

We trade tools back and forth all the time, but he seems to destroy things fairly regularly.
Sanders, Jigsaws, etc.  don’t know how, but he does it.

Anyway, now we are on table saw number THREE.

He got a xmas sale on a nice little Ridgid model.
And it seems like a nice saw.

ts PoCo Inspired
But what we didn’t realize when he bought it, was that it has NO stand.
He thought it had one of those nifty fold down stands.
It has wheels, and a pull out handle, but that’s it. No stand.

We only realized this once we pulled it out of the box yesterday.
A quick website check revealed that the one with the nifty fold down stand was $150 more.
AND that they don’t even make a stand for this unit.

Well, we have TWO stands from the previous table saws. ( dad never throws out anything )
So I figured I could just morph the two units together.     that was fun….  not

I managed to make it work. ( didn’t even have to pull out the welder )  but it took half the day to make it happen.
It has 4 little cleats on the bottom of the unit for setting on a bench.
Even holes to drive some screws in there and hold it.
I was able to remove those cleats and spin them around backwards so the mounting holes were on the inside.  With that done, they actually sat really nice on the stand.
Just took some trial and error.
Drilled a couple of holes in the stand. Nut n bolts n lock washers, and bob’s yer uncle.

It wasn’t until after spending half the day getting this all done, I realized I am not going to cut a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood on the table saw….. I need it for cutting the smaller stuff.
Which I can’t even do until I find out if I do actually get the sandwich prep table and figure out how big it is and where and how I am putting it in the truck.

So now I’m waiting for THAT.

But at least I pulled out my skill saw and cut my plywood. Forward momentum from here on in……after I wait on the prep table…..   :)