Can you believe 2 – count em TWO  —  dare I say — positive – things happened in a row.

Maybe we will just them non – set backs. Positive is just to strong a word.

But yeah, first I get the green light from my engineer.
Hell just getting an answer was a – woo hoo, but a green light  !!  MAN o MAN

So I know I don’t need to spend – what was that number…. about $8000 for a hood and fan set up …  plus another $2000 – $4000 for fire suppression.

But I still want a hood / fan.
A decent CFM one.
I still want to suck out smoke, fumes, smells.
And I have this concern about things listed ” for household use only ” being not allowed.

So my usual 3 am searching around for stuff.
I find a hood that I like. It has 700 CFM. It’s CSA approved. ( it’s sold here so it has to be )
And I found the manuals at Home Depot and it says NOTHING in them about house hold use.
I had to read them over and over.
Even downloaded them and ran a search inside the document for all of those words, and NOTHING !!  WOO HOO!!

If it “happens” to say it on the box, I can toss it, I only have to have the manual.
If it “happens” to say it ON the unit, it SHOULD be printed somewhere on the motor or other hidden spot, so it won’t be seen.

fan PoCo Inspired


I THINK I can now officially start to move in a FORWARD direction.

Of course we just got hit with a foot and half of snow, and -20 cold.

But I got a heater in the truck, and I don’t give a fu….   :)