So I managed to get a hold of the “proposed” “draft” copy of “guideline” that is being developed for food trucks in my city.

While these are not yet enforceable rules, at least it gives me an idea on a few things that I have been questioning.

Mainly, the appliances and their use.

Although the health department says I can pretty much use anything I want.
And we are not “required” to use commercial appliances according to current rules.
I must first get inspected by the Office of the Fire Commissioner.
And THAT is who made up this “guideline”.

The one thing I noticed in this “guideline”,is that it says that all appliances and equipment must be “certified” for their intended use.
So while yes everything is “certified” to be used ins Canada ( CSA or ULC )
I was wanting to use some residential grills.
And I noticed that ALL appliances that are not “commercial” have it stamped on them…
“for household use only” or “intended for household use”

OK yeah sure, I’m on a tight budget, AND yeah, I’m a cheap ass.

But really, where I live, this truck will be used a few hours a day, maybe a little more on weekends, IF I get an event, and only about 5 months out of the year.

We don’t run things like you guys down in the USA in the warmer climates.
Some of you guys even do breakfasts.
But if not, many of you at least do lunch and supper, and weekends.

Many of you do good sized fairs where your equipment is going for 10 or 14 hours a day.

So yes, if you run that many hours, most or all year long, then yes, you want equipment that is built to last.

But for me, that will not be using the equipment even a quarter of that time, why the heck should I have to spend $3000 or $4000 on a grill??

Luckily I have the Coke fridge to use.
And then I found these griddles.

PoCo Inspired

They are just what I need / want.

They are ULC listed. Light duty commercial. Not stamped as “for household use”
Cheap to buy, and easy to replace.

Yeah if it dies in a year, then its a buck and half to replace.
Not a few thousand.

So I think this is the way to go.