So I went and talked to one of the concession truck builders recently.
Since no one will bother to give me an answer on a hood and fan….
I figure I better price one out just in case.

When I tell him my situation… he says … well if you are going all electric, and no propane anything, and no grease laden vapors, then you shouldn’t need a hood and fan.

I told him I wanted a price anyway, just in case SOME government inspector figures I MUST have one.

$5000 for the hood, $1500 for the fan, and another $1300 for the install.  ouch

So the next day I send him an email, asking why EXACTLY he thinks I should not need the hood.
NOW he doesn’t want to talk.

He says to read my NFPA96…. it’s all there.

He says having a conversation is one thing, but this is totally different.

This would be ADVISING, and he could only do that as a consult, and he would need my plans.

OK, I send him my layout pics, and my plans and what equipment I am using.
And ask say, OK here it is. How much is my “consultation” going to cost.
That was a week ago.
No reply.

I guess I can just add him to the list of a – holes who don’t reply or give me answers.