I finally got mostly over my depression  …  mostly.

At least enough that I’m not going to snap at the drop of a hat….

So I decided that 2 or 3 weeks of waiting for people the OFC to get back to me was enough.
I just went down to their office and asked to talk to someone.

At this point I don’t care if they like me buggin them or not.

I got pretty much the response I expected….

“OH no we can’t answer that because that would constitute US giving YOU advice….we are not allowed to do that.”

And yeah, I’m getting used to this.
But COME ON !!

You expect things done a certain way ( to code )
But when I need to know if I can or can’t do something  ….
you can’t tell me yes or no…   You can’t tell me who to talk to …
You can’t tell me who makes the decisions
But I should put in my application NOW, cause there is such a waiting list, and continue my building of my truck, even though it may be done wrong, so that the inspector can come along and say NOPE you can’t do that…. and I have to start again…..

And she says ” yeah that’s pretty much the way it works ”

And you wonder why people go POSTAL on you people!!??