Here’s my problem   ( today’s problem anyway )

Do I go propane or electric.

I have stripped my truck clean.
I get to start with a blank slate.

I’m sure there are benefits to each.
But the REAL deciding factor for ME  ….  RIGHT NOW  is the hood.

If I go propane, then there is no question that I need a commercial hood and fan and fire suppression.  This will probably run me around $7000.00
It will also allow me a few more options for food, since I would keep the deep fryer.

If I stick with electric only, it will limit my options for food, but that might not matter.
I don’t want to have dozens of things on the menu.
And I SHOULD be able to get away with a residential hood and fan.

I asked the health department.
They are OK with it, providing I am not producing grease laden vapors.
Hell, they said  don’t even NEED a fan, but I want one anyway.
BUT they said to check with the Fire Commissioner just to be safe.

BTW NONE of these departments talk to each other here.

So I checked with them.
Their view is that if I don’t use propane…. they are NOT involved at all.
So I said…   What about the electrical end of it??
They said, I will still get the electrical inspection, but they only inspect to make sure that the electrical is done correctly.  They don’t care about anything else.
He also suggested I check with my engineer.
Well, you know how THAT is going.

One guy I DID talk to said ….  dude  … I’m an engineer,  … talk to the health department.

This is why I am talking to another engineer.
And again, I am waiting.

If I get an OK from the engineer, I am going electric just for the cost savings alone.
But If I need the commercial hood and fan anyway, then what?

All Electric  Go Propane 
1000 lbs lighter1000 lbs Heavyer
Better gas milage??Gas milage may not matter
Bigger generatorsmaller generators
Generator in backGenerator in front
burn more gasburn more propane
Less equipment to maintMore equipment to maint
$7000 cheaper$7000 more
Buy more equipmentAlready own equip
Brand new equipEquip WORKS ????
Easy to replace equipExpensive to fix equip
cheaper quality equipgood quality equip
doesnt explodeexplosion risk
no gas inspection Less $$gas inspection more $$
no gas fitter less $$gas fitter more $$
No engineer neededengineer needed $$$
electrical inspec more $$electrical inspec more $$
Electrician more $$Electrician more $$
higher faster productionless production
expandable productionnot expandable without $$$