It’s been amazing.  Warm temps in the middle of November.  Thank you El Ninio.

But it finally came to an end the other day with a blast of snow and cold and 80 KMH winds.

I don’t HATE winter. But I don’t like it all that much either.
I believe that I have always been a sun worshiper.
But I have accepted my fate.

I have “issues” with winter and my “mood” reflects that.
Couple that with things taking WAY longer with this truck than I wanted.
And now the knowledge that my work will grind to a halt.

Add to that, the fact that I STILL have no answers from anyone for anything…..

Yeah… ok…. I can say it  ….it’s depressing.  I am now Mr. Pissy Pants…
I am trying to fight it, but it’s hard.
I don’t want to DO anything except sit and sulk.