Under the wood  ….. what else  … wood.

Seriously???  How much wood can you put in one small truck??
This shot was just the rear doors.
I had already pulled off all of the framing that was on either side.
—  it all kinda fell off  …  the stuff on the doors was a little stubborn.

But c’mon…. really??   I know this thing was built years ago…..  but was there NEVER any concern about fire safety???
Maybe I have just been reading the NFPA96 too many times.
BTW here is a link to it if you want to read it.

But c’mon….. wood studs screwed to the STEEL studs, then covered with wood, then covered with STEEL???   really??

Drywall screws from the OUTSIDE of the truck to hold the wood studs ….

And of course NOTHING is sealed.

Not like it matters, but the back door at least opens.