Attached to THAT, was ANOTHER round collar.

So the round collar system protruded through the roof.
Only the collars were siliconed together.
Nice job on the collars though,all rolled edges and stuff.

THEN they were covered by this square vent.
Which ( if you have been following along ) you will know is a residential ( HOUSE ) roof vent.

This amazing piece of technology was riveted to the trucks roof.

No gasket, no silicone, no nothing between the vent flange and the roof, just some rivets.
Cant’t imagine why it may have leaked.

There was a generous amount of silicone slathered around the outside of the flange.

When I wire wheeled all that away I also found 2 HUGE
– Like 4 inches long slices in the ROOF !!!
Seems That while Mr. JEEN EE US was cutting the square hole with the jigsaw, he slipped…..and then just kept goin…..   and then did it again ……

Stunning craftsmanship.