Oh yeah….  seeing as the hood has to come out,
AND the fricken roof vent is leaking like a sieve…
( because some some JEEN EE US put in a RESIDENTIAL house vent )
I am peeling back panels, and what do I see… WOOD
Wood beams, wood sheeting on the walls, wood in the ceiling under the hood.
It’s like the WHOLE fricken thing is lined with wood.  PHOK ME!!!

So I try and ask the city.
They won’t give me any advice other than
TALK to the people you hired, and refer to the NFPA96.     SERIOUSLY ?

Engineer guy …  I will have to look into that.

Gas guy  .  ….   you just need some cement board.

Sheet metal guy . ..  Oh you just have to skin it with 1/4 inch cement board.
Don’t waste your time taking out all that wood, that’s just stupid …..   really???

I have to take out the whole hood. which is the entire rear 3 feet of the truck anyway.
And even IF all I have to do is SKIN the wood with cement board, I have to take off the existing stainless steel anyway.
So why not just pull off the few remaining panels.

Why not just strip the fricken panels, strip out all the wood and trash it.
I’m taking down all the crap anyway….

THEN I can put in proper fire rated insulation, AND cement board behind the cooking equipment.  Why not TRY to do it the right way while I’m in there anyway.
Why half ass it, when I can just full ass it???

I mean come on people.  I am the LAST person to spend extra $$ when there is no need.
But get real, get on the same page….maybe get a clue.

Here is the WORST part.
The CITY – the authority – who has to approve all of this – REFUSES to give any direction or advice or just simply say – no, do it this way, or yes this is OK.
It’s always… refer to the NFPA96, or talk to your engineer, or talk to your electrician.

Have you ever talked to any of these guys???
Put 5 electricians in a room and ask them how to change a light bulb…
You will get 12 different answers, and ALL of them will be the RIGHT way, and the other guy is wrong.  And only ONE of them will agree with the inspector.

THIS is why it is so frustrating.
The fricken city is so vague about it’s black and white rules.

I read lots of stuff online about other cities going through the same kind of hassle.
But also notice that other cities have guidelines for trucks.
For example Toronto has a code book for gas equipment for mobile food service vehicles.

I have read other stuff online from BC, but I lost the page so no link, sorry.


I really don’t mind having to strip it all back and change stuff.
I don’t mind the time, and expense of putting in the new stuff.

But I HATE the wasted time.
I HATE that NOBODY can give me a straight answer.
I HATE that I am 3 months into this NO further ahead.

But I have certainly learned alot.