So the GUY takes one look around and says, trash this trash that trash those.   great.

Well, not so bad.  I knew the floor had to go.  But now the hood has to go.  SORT of thought it might.  But I was hoping not. But he says NO WAY, won’t pass.

OK I get it, not up to current code.  But you would think the OTHER people I have been dealing with …..  gas guy,  who BTW says he does these trucks all the time….  it’s his main job.  Or maybe the sheet metal guy who has the big ass fan he wants to sell me….  HE has been working on these trucks for years and years.  I mean COME ON.  The fricken guy worked on THIS EXACT truck many times over the years.  Keeps telling me he knows this truck inside and out.
And I had him look it over way back when this started a couple months ago to tell me where I stood.  He didn’t say a bloody thing about it.
Just that he had an exhaust fan he would give me a good deal on.

WHICH BTW it turns out I can’t even use !!
I tried to get a manual for it from him, because the city, the engineer, and everyone in between want the manual.  Of course he doesn’t have one.
OOOOO We NEVER have those …..   you don’t need that??  …..    right…..

So I grab a picture, search online when I get home.
Turns out it’s a fricken SIDE MOUNT fan.
hhhmmm   you might know that if you had the manual.
Call the company….
NO sir  we do NOT recommend using it on a roof. Totally different internal design.
Check with the engineer guy  …  Oh no you can’t use that, different design.  great

No point in checking with the city, because I already know ( thanks to the engineer guy ) that THEY actually read the manual cover to cover-that you must provide
( and why not, they are billing you $90 an hour to do the inspection )
and follow it to THE LETTER.
So no  …. they would not pass it.

You would think the guy that makes a living fabricating the walls and hoods and providing the fans, would for one, know all the rules and regulations, and two have a vested interest in fabbing up the NEW equipment.  More work for him right?

I totally appreciate him trying to save me some money, but  PHOK MAN, come on!!