Well its October 21 2015.  The engineer was just here.  Well, honestly I can’t tell you now if HE is the actual engineer, or he is the guy that works with the engineer.
I’m pretty sure he is the design guy.  I dunno, he is the guy that my gas guy sent me to.
It’s not like the fricken city DEFINES what KIND of engineer they want.

They must be a registered professional engineer.

I asked the people from the Office of the Fire Commissioner….
What KIND of engineer do you want me to use??  Civil Engineer? Power Engineer? Railroad Engineer?? WHAT???

Their response was that it was listed on the form that must accompany the application.

On the bottom of the form that the CITY sent me it it clearly states:
Note: Registered Professional means registered as a professional engineer in the Province of Manitoba by APEGM, or another Canadian province and equivalent association. Engineers from other countries may be considered at the sole discretion of the authority having jurisdiction.

So I go to the website and the directory and search the listing of  Registered Professional Engineers and the list reveals EXACTLY what I thought…..
Civil Engineer
Electricrochemical Engineer
Structural Engineer
Shoreline Engineer
Geological Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Project Engineer
And on and on and on

Really clear…. thanks.

Or maybe, I can just look online and find some engineer from some other province up north that is willing to put his stamp on it for some beer money.  People exist like that everywhere.

As it turns out ( at least I am being to by the guy I had in ) I need a MECHANICAL engineer.
And of course this guy who designs and installs commercial kitchens for the last 30 years.

I don’t know this to be 100% fact yet, but better than trying to hire a shoreline engineer.