This is just an update to what I just posted  ..

WHY?   because I’m right and I just wanna brag!

I of course have all my IFTTT recipes set up now.  Hell I just learned about these myself.

Well this is how good they work.  Oh yeah, and they email you INSTANTLY not every hour.
I didn’t know that till I started getting tons of email.
(I’m gonna check and see if I can get get them to text me.)

I had one set up for a fridge, because that coke cooler that came with my truck
( while cool looking ) is kinda small, but pulls 800 watts of power all day long.
Lord only knows how old it is, but it’s probably not well insulate either.

My basic 18 CF fridge in the garage only pulls 200 watts while it’s cooling.
And only 3 watts while its sitting idle.

Anyway, I got an alert for a fridge, I texted the guy right away.
Exactly what I wanted – white 18 CF SMOOTH BACK  ( i really wanted that ).
The guy had only posted it FOUR minutes ago.
Set up to meet him in an hour.  Went, Bought, DONE.
As far as Kijiji goes, that’s like sniping.

The guy was posting a few things, and he hadn’t even finished his postings.
WINNER WINNER Chicken Dinner!!

Plus when I went to meet him, he had a buddy with him that works the local carnivals during the summer. He said he is friends with the owner and that they are always on the lookout for something new for carnival food.  They just have the basics.
Might be nothing, Might turn into something good…  who knows. Took his info anyway.

Bottom line, these IFTTT alerts ROCK.

When you start reading through them, you will be amazed at what they can do.

For example, for my wife’s store… I have the IFTTT recipes set up so that when she takes a picture and posts to Instagram, it automatically posts to Twitter, Google plus, Facebook, And is fed to our website… all at once.

Let’s say that you are going to set up the truck in specific locations on a regular basis.
You could set up a recipe so that as you arrive, it automatically does the same thing.
You wouldn’t even have to do anything because the trigger would be based on your GPS location.  So you pull up, GPS is triggered, ALL your alerts go out.  BOOM DONE!  LUV IT !!