Well that’s it.  I started the checklist. Albeit a long winded one.
Somebody had to do it.

I am doing it as I go, and trying to include some explanations as I go.

I added it to the menu at the top, so if you happen to end up there frst, you might not quite get where some of it is coming from.
But I needed to add it and still stick with the timeline here.
When it’s complete, I will add a simple short form checklist without the explanations.

So you can go to the top menu where it says – Where do I start.

Please note this is my own personal experience, and is not guaranteed to be 100% complete, but I am trying to be as comprehensive as I can.
This is not endorsed or approved by any governing bodies, dealers, or suppliers.
Be aware that rules can change, and different rules apply based on where you live and where you plan to operate.
This list is for setting up a used food truck in the city of Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba.