This kind of recaps of all the crap I went through this past week.
I have spent what seems like the majority of the week on the phone with the Office of the Fire Commissioner, and the people who work there.
Because these are the guys that do the first inspection on the truck

In a nutshell I learned that one of the very FIRST things you need to do … ( in our city )
Is to hire an engineer.  Who has to approve all of your trucks layouts and gas fittings etc.
Then they have to do up technical drawings for you to submit to the city along with your applications.  I’m sure THAT won’t cost a fortune.

Nobody – and I mean NOBODY that I have dealt with so far has every heard of having to do this before.  NOT even the engineer that I contacted.
Seems this is new.
And you can’t even FILE the application without it being approved by the engineer.

PLUS you have to have all of your manuals for all of your cooking equipment, both for submission to the city AND copies on your truck for the inspection.

No problem, I’m sure manuals for 20 year old griddles are easy to find.

So I have to pay an engineer to certify that its all good.
Then pay the flooring guy to put in the new floor.
Then put all the equipment back in.
Pay the gas guy to do all the hook ups and gas connections.
Pay the electrician to do the wiring.
THEN I can pay the city to do and inspection,
and decide whether or not its good enough to pass.

In the grand scheme of things….  it’s not the extra money
( guess that will depend HOW much extra it ends up being )
But it’s the time and frustration.  If I would have known this 6 or 8 weeks earlier, I could have at least planned better, maybe included it in my budget.

Yup, sure wish there was a guide that would have told me this before I started this mess.