I just said, keep an eye out for trucks in other provinces.
Because you never know when a weekend trip over a couple of provinces might save you 7 or 8 thousand dollars.

Now this doesn’t’ really apply if you are going to try to bring a truck up from the USA.
Whole other ball game.  NOT interested in getting into that.  WAAYY too much hassle for me.

But from another province. Well that’s just a matter of a safety inspection to drive it, and then all the regulation stuff you need to operate.
BUT you have to do this anyway, so don’t discount it.

Here’s why I added an addendum.

Automate your searches.
Assuming you use Kijiji. And who doesn’t right now. ( at least in Canada )
You don’t want to spend HOURS pouring over each provinces listings.

BTW this only seems to work setting it up from a desktop.
I have not figured out how to do it with a phone yet.
Have not tested on the tablet yet.

Also this is assuming you have a smartphone.
Kinda pointless if you are one of those people who only gets their email when they sit down in front of the computer at 9 pm on Tue & Thur.

so then . …

Don’t use the Kijiji alerts thing because it only send you search results once every 24 hours.
Only use it if you have not choice.

But this method I’m about to explain will basically have Kijiji email the new ads to you every hour. ( if a new ad goes up )
And you don’t have to do anything else.

First step

Go to If this then that and sign up. ( it’s free )

This is the most amazing thing I have played with in years.
The things you can do with it will blow your mind.
But don’t spend hours browsing through it now, just get THIS done, you can play later.

Then you want to add THIS recipe.

BTW this also works for Craigslist or Ebay. ( different recipe, just search )

In a separate tab or window, whichever works for you, open up Kijiji.

Or if you want to search all of Canada at once go here.

Do a search for …..   oh I don’t know  . ..  food truck    …or step van

Now scroll down to the last listing.  You will see a bar with numbers  … 1 2 3 4 5  etc.
Look aaaallllll the way to the right.  or left if you are dyslexic.
You will see the RSS icon similar to this.
kjbar PoCo InspiredNow right click on the RSS icon – Copy link address
kj2 PoCo Inspired

Now switch back to the tab or window that you had open from If this Then That.
Where it say feed URL.
Delete what is in there so it is blank.Right click in the empty space, and hit paste.
itttt PoCo Inspired

You should see some jibberish pasted in there.
Now scroll down to the bottom and click the ADD button.  DONE.

You can repeat this process for ANYTHING you want to search for on Kijiji
(or Craigslist or Ebay – with the other recipes )

You can also do this for Kijiji sites in other provinces.

You spend half an hour or so doing this for ….lets say the major cities in one or two provinces over ( depends on how far you are willing to travel ) or just for your own city if you want.

What happens now is every hour, IFTTT will look on Kijiji for you, and return the results if there are any new ads posted, then email it to you.