You can’t do this for free, as nice as that would be.
Assuming you are not giving 200 grand to the food truck builder guys, then you need to have some kind of budget, and some kind of plan for cost over runs etc.

I can’t tell you how to get your money, or how much you are going to need.  There are just too many variables.

I CAN tell you that I know know a guy to bought an old UPS truck, and did most of the work himself, and was able to pull it off for right around 15 grand.
BUT because of the way he set up his truck, he did NOT need use commercial fryers and equipment.  That worked for him.

For me, I was able to buy an old truck that had all the commercial equipment installed already.  It may be older but it was in good shape, and the equipment doesn’t change much over the years.

Just a griddle like the one I have, USED runs around $2500.  New is closer to $6000.

MY truck came with a griddle, a 2 burner stovetop, and a 2 bay deep fryer.
Add in the commercial sinks and fridge, and the price tag would be well over 10 grand.
And thats USED pricing.  ( yes I checked ….although that was after I already bought the truck )
But I knew that going in ( I keep telling myself )

Plus the truck was already safetied and only needed a small amount of work.
It was pretty solid.
So for what my buddy paid for a bare shell of a truck, I got a fully equipped truck.
Not bad.

You may not get that lucky, but then again you might.

Bottom line, only YOU know what you can spend.

But I KNOW this can be done for under 20 grand.