Have an idea what you are getting yourself into.

If at all possible…assuming you are planning this or thinking about doing this, AND you are here…..then you are doing SOME research.

You should be reading blogs, watching you tube for truck builds, talking to people that are in the biz. Learn, learn, learn.

Maybe even get a job cooking on a food truck. If you can.

You need to figure out WHAT are you going to sell.
Although you will probably do just fine selling burgers and fries, there are already 6 other trucks selling burgers and fries.
You want to do something different than the other trucks in your area.
You want to stand out.
And hope that you made the right decision.
But also be flexible enough to change what doesn’t work.

What you sell, can sometimes dictate what equipment you need, and possibly what kind and size of truck you need.

As I write this, I want you to know that I did NOT really do this.

It was almost a spur of the moment idea.  Kinda like, hhhmmmm what am I gonna do next??   HHmmm, how bout a food truck??  Yeah I can do this!
The wife gave a me an idea about what to serve.
I said  ” what ???  are u nuts??”  ( in my head of course )
But then thought it over, and a told her what a great idea it was.

And within a week or two I had a truck.

And hey, I had hot dog carts before.  This isn’t much different??  right??

Clueless, yup that’s me.