Did you know that you need  —  NEED — to have the manuals for your equipment?

Our city REQUIRES that you MUST have both the operating AND installation manuals to accompany the initial city applications.

Plus you also need to have a copy of them ON / IN your truck.

It doesn’t matter if you got an old truck with old equipment or brand new stuff.
You need them.
It is YOUR responsibility to have them.

The equipment must also have the factory ID plates that contain the specs.

Don’t bother asking WHY WHY WHY do you need them.
I could explain it, but it doesn’t matter. You just do.

I keep hearing stories of places like a restaurant with brand new equipment but didn’t have their manuals, and were told flat out….  get your manuals or get new equipment.

So get them. Make copies. Make backup copies.

Oh yeah, and make sure that they are clear and legal to use in your jurisdiction.

You don’t want to try and get by with some weird Chinese knock off.