Again…. like….. duh…..

You are going to need a truck.
Do you do like me and buy one with fully outfitted but in need of help?
Or do you get a a plain truck, clean slate, and start from the ground up?

Well I can’t help you with that.  It all depends on what YOU want. What you plan to do.

It doesn’t matter which way you go, your truck needs to be legal to drive and roadworthy.

Here in our province, you have to have a valid safety to drive your truck on the road.
Or at least get one, which will almost always involve repairs.

But there is no point in taking a single step forward unless you know you can drive the truck.

And what about FINDING a truck??

These things are not always easy to find.
And if you do find them, often they are over priced.

It all depends on your local market.

Just keep looking in all the other provinces.