So I have mentioned already that I am not one of those 22 year old trust fund babies that can just walk into your local food truck builders shop and hand over a hundred grand and say – build me a truck.

I have very little budget to work with, and I bought an old truck.

I kinda expect things to be harder, thing to blow up etc.

But today the frustration really set in.

It has taken many weeks to get to this point where I figure I can finally get started.
And today I FINALLY got a hold of the fire marshals office.

THEY are one of the departments that must inspect the truck for the propane, and the exhaust fan, and a few other things.

So they tell me that if we are doing repairs, that means alterations.  And that means that we have to submit plans for approval, and I get treated as if we are doing a truck from the ground up.  great

It doesn’t matter that the truck has been approved BEFORE.

I even have to provide all the manuals for the stoves and grills.
I never got those.
They are 20 years old.  WTF?

What if I don’t have them or can’t get them??

The guy tells me – I guess you’re going to be buying new appliances then.   great

Then he starts telling me about all these rules and compliance this and non combustible that, and semi combustible, and on and on.

Then he tells me to just read and follow all the rules in the NFPA96 guideline.   great

Pages and pages and pages of technical documentation for national fire safety rules.  Much of it referring to OTHER technical documents.

I have such a fricken headache.

Every time I get a little ahead, something else happens, and it’s right back to square one.