And of course in order to do this, EVERYTHING must be removed from the truck.
ALL of the equipment, ALL the shelves and sinks   EVERYTHING.
Because all of the grills and things that need the new gas lines are at the rear of the truck, and they were of course the first things to go into the truck, with everything else being installed after that.

So out to my brothers place to borrow and engine crane.
Cause that flat top griddle weighs 300 – 400 pounds.

Its 24 inches wide.  The doorway it has to come through, after I drag it to the front of the truck, is about 28 inches wide.  TONS of room.

Kinda wish I had taken pictures of the disassembley, but I was a little busy working.

It all actually went pretty smoothly.  Just be patient.  Don’t lose anything.
And have fun with the engine crane.

How did you spend YOUR thanks giving weekend?